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lunedì 30 agosto 2010


I ricercatori dell'isola di Ramsey l'hanno chiamata June perchè nel mese di giugno adora restare in acqua più tempo delle sue compagne. Questa foca, del tipo grey atlantic, si lascia avvicinare durante il bagno e la sua curiosità è attratta dai miei fischi. Su questa isola, davanti alle coste del Galles, vivono ottanta esemplari che diventano un migliaio durante il periodo estivo per gli accoppiamenti. Sono super protette, le spiagge sono tutte per loro e difficili da raggiungere via terra dall'uomo. Poco lontano a Porthgain si possono avvistare i delfini e prendere un boccone allo Sloop Inn nel cuore dell'Harbour. Si spendono 12,50 sterline per consumare un piatto completo scegliendo tra i Pub Favourites.

Seal Spotting
Ramsey Island researchers called her 'June' denoting the month of her first appearance. I whistled to her, and being extremely curious by nature, she came up very close to our boat. A Grey Atlantic Seal, June is one of 80/100 who have taken up permanent residence here, but from now until mid-autumn the number can swell to around 1,000 as the seals come on-shore to give birth in the safe haven that Ramsey Island's secluded beaches offer.
After touching back on dry land, nip down the coast to Porth Gain to spot dolphins from the cliff tops and have a bite to eat at the Sloop Inn in the harbour. The fish and chips here are fantastic and the inn is full of sea faring curiosities for children to look at. Later you can visit the local art gallery to see a selection of work by Pembrokshire artists or order your own fresh, live lobster and crab from the house next door.


The Sloop Inn
Pembrokeshire (Wales)
SA62 5BN
Open: 9,30-23
Mussels Steamed with Coconut Milk,
Lime e Garlic. Served with a Crusty Roll £ 6,15
Ham and Pickle £ 7,95
Homemade Fish Pie with Cod, Salmon,
Prawns and Mussels, topped with
Breadcrumbs and Cheese, served
with Vegetables and new potatoes £12,50
Spaghetti with Cheese (child's) £ 5,15

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