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domenica 23 dicembre 2012


Sometimes as a tea drinker its hard to find a good mug.  You know, the kind that’s just the right size for just the right amount of tea.  One that can be cupped in both hands on cold mornings and which feels right when you sip from it – not to thin and not too thick -and no, my name is not Goldilocks.  Often when finally you find one where all those elements come together the damn thing has a ghastly twee cat printed on it.  So it was with delight that whilst we were panthering around Milan we came across the right one in a temporary store.   Part of a collection of ceramics of plates, cups, saucers and bowls, the white mug was just right for us and was created by the Italian design studio, ilil, whose founders Alessandro Israelachvili and Desiree Restuccia, met at Milan Polytechnic. 

All this thus far can be considered fairly selfish reporting.  A sort of ‘all about us’ mug report.  However, this is a collection of ceramics with a difference.  Not just gratifying to the senses in its velvety feel and satisfying proportions, but versatile too.   Each piece has half a button hole neatly nicked into its smooth border.  Into this a whole range of different shaped buttons can be placed.  Spoilt for choice we spent quite a while arguing over which material and color to pick and generally mixing and matching to our heart’s desire.    I think they were pleased to see us go.

The good news was that selection of buttons come with the mug we bought allowing us to choose whether we are in a Martha Stewart or James Bond frame of mind.  There is also the personalized service which lets you commission your own button design, opening a multitude of sliding doors through which coded messages can be flagged across the breakfast, tea or supper table.  What’s not to like?  


ilil design studio

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