You Make a Living from What You Get - But You Make a Life from What You Give

sabato 26 febbraio 2011


There are two reasons to visit the Italian designer Luisa Beccaria's store in the heart of Brera in Milan.  The first, fairly obviously, is the enchanting store and the delicious collections it contains.  The second is Maia.   Full of enthusiasm for life, she is always welcoming and ready to ask and, more importantly, listen to how you are.  Her discerning eye sums you up in a second, and her direct but kind advice on what will suit you, combined with the fairytale beauty of the clothes, make it impossible to leave without something tucked under your arm.  And should you be looking for somewhere to stay, you could do worse than to kip down at Maia's favourite nearby restaurant, the Resentin, where she goes to eat most days usually spending no more than euro 40.00.  Known primarily for its typically Milanese dishes and its famous customers including, amongst others, Domenico Dolce, Umberto Ecco, Sophia Loren and, in the past, Vittorio De Sica, it is also a small luxurious guest house with only four beautifully presented rooms, each named after a street from the surrounding district, now owned by the Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti.


Restaurant Il Resentin
Via Mercato 24
Tel: +39 02 875923
From: 290 euro a night

Luisa Beccaria
Via Formentini 1
Tel: +39 02 863807

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